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From Amazon reader reviews:

  • This is a short,well written, clever, pleasant and thought stimulating book. For anyone who has ever asked the title question, it is a invaluable resource. Tuggy takes us through an engaging historical journey, with bits of humor, brilliant logic and wonderful inconsistent triads that the reader can work through to come to their own conclusion. That is what the book is really about, to help the reader think about the question and come to their own conclusion.”
  • “Tuggy ultimately goes out of his way to provide the reader with the tools he needs to begin his own investigation. In this sense, the book truly is the perfect introduction to the issues surrounding the Trinity. Tuggy reveals what he thinks, of course, but his endgame is to guide you towards asking the right questions in order to come to your own conclusions. This is indeed the right and expectation of every Christian: that we should decide for ourselves what the Bible, and what the God of the Bible, wants us know about who and what God is. For Christians just beginning their quest for Christian theology, I can hardly imagine a better book than this one. I will doubtless be ordering several more copies for friends and family. Five stars.”