Dr. Tuggy is available to speak to your church, college group, or class. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • What is the Trinity? (a presentation of variable length based on this book)
  • Historical development of theologies of the Trinity (and trinity – see chapter 3).
  • The Bible and the Trinity.
  • Four approaches to the Trinity.
  • Is the Trinity a mystery?
  • Ancient and recent philosophers on the Trinity.
  • Metaphysics, logic, and the Trinity.
  • Monotheism and its rivals.
  • How does Christ relate to God in the New Testament?
  • Was Jesus a man of faith?
  • How should a Christian think about heresy?
  • The lost history of unitarian Christian theologies.

Dr. Tuggy is also an experienced debater, and is interested in debating qualified opponents on these and related topics.

Due to his many obligations, Dr. Tuggy can’t answer all inquiries; take care to look through his many publications and podcasts before asking general Trinity questions. Nevertheless, you are welcome to contact him here: